Hoefs J. 2009 "Stable isotope geochemistry"

Здесь обсуждаются книги по геологии. Какие книги хорошие, а какие очень хорошие? Какие читать не стоит, а какие нужно прочитать обязательно? Где достать нужную книгу?

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Hoefs J. 2009 "Stable isotope geochemistry"

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Hoefs J. 2009 "Stable isotope geochemistry" можно скачать http://www.twirpx.com/file/553435/

Stable Isotope Geochemistry is an introduction to the use of stable isotopes in the geosciences. It is subdivided into three parts: theoretical and experimental principles; fractionation processes of light and heavy elements; the natural variations of geologically important reservoirs. Since the application of stable isotopes to earth sciences has grown in the last few years, a new edition appears necessary. Recent progress in analysing the rare isotopes of certain elements for instance allow the distinction between mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionations. Special emphasis has been given to the growing field of "heavy" elements. Many new references have been added, which will enable quick access to recent literature. For students and scientists alike the book will be a primary source of information with regard to how and where stable isotopes can be used to solve geological problems.

// Книга многократно переиздавалась, это уже 6-ое. Русское издание датировано 1983 годом, в электронном виде мне не попадалось.


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