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Seismic Interpreter Geophysicist

Добавлено: Ср сен 26, 2007 4:06 pm
• Structural interpretation
• Attribute analysis, well ties, velocity modeling, depth conversion, mapping.
• This person will be a strong contributor to the geophysics team and work under of senior geophysicist
• Degree in Seismic Geology (M.S., Ph.D., or equivalent).
• 5 years (or more) of seismic modeling/interpretation experience in exploration projects.
• Practical experience and competency in correlation, mapping, facies analysis, and basin modeling.
• Good knowledge of principles and applications of seismic, sequence stratigraphy and structural geology.
• Experience in using of seismic applications (e.g. to evaluate thermal maturity, hydrocarbon pathways, etc) is advantageous.
• Good knowledge in English
Position with location in Moscow or Tyumen

Please send your CV to tsergey@brunelcr.ru[/b]